Laboratory for Analytic Sciences

This is a work in progress case study for a sponsored project with NC State’s Laboratory for Analytic Sciences. I am on a three person team with Elizabeth Gabriel and Jillian Swaim.

We are working with intelligence analysts to design a speculative AI-generated TaiLored Daily Report (TLDR). This is a speculative project for a future technology that LAS is currently researching. 

The project began with a project brief, some basic info about a fictional analyst reporter named Chloe, and 40+ pages of intelligence data.

Chloe and her team have been tasked to provide indications and warnings of potential terrorist actions against US interests. Many of the terrorists have never been identified, and are scattered all around the globe. They are members of different but often linked organizations  and can be called upon at any time to unleash acts of terrorism of many different sorts.

Chloe is faced with lots of "dots" in the form of intelligence data that come from many different sources. Her first task is to decide which dots she should be trying to connect and then to make inferences about what these connections may mean. This is the basic step in generating hypotheses about what these connected "dots'' might mean.

Persona and user journey for Chloe.

Debriefing the interview, we established some pain points and opportunities for design intervention.

Sketching some basic ideas.

Refining those ideas a little bit, and adding detail.

Lots of white boarding sessions.


Currently working on high fidelity prototypes and a complete case study!