Scale Worlds

I am working under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Peterson on the Scale Worlds application. Scale Worlds is an NSF funded project through which we are creating a VR-based scale cognition learning environment.

Currently we are developing the application for head mounted displays and CAVE.

A non-VR web version will be developed in late 2022.

The HMD and CAVE have different affordances and limitations. In the CAVE, the participant has a more embodied experience since they are able to see themselves next to entities, crouch, measure with a ruler, and compare to their friends. In the CAVE we are limited by the physical bounds of the walls (where the projections are displayed). However we can use these walls to help map text, measure columns, and more.

Working between the two platforms has encouraged us to develop different layouts for the way in which worlds fit within worlds. This has led us to develop two main schematic options for the environment.

“The Forest” and “The Hall”

In Spring of 2022 we will conduct user research with groups of “VR experts”, middle-schoolers, and high-schoolers to perform observations as well as A/B testing on various design decisions, including the two layout options.