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Hi, my name is Brian Sekelsky. I’m a designer, developer, & researcher.

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ZOOM Redesign

With the pandemic in mind, I determined some changes Zoom could make to their UI and UX to better appeal to college students. I started by conducting user research, creating empathy maps and scenarios.

My goal was to create a Zoom experience that appealed more to first year students who may be struggling to adjust to a virtual college experience. I started by integrating a calendar that syncs with the student’s Google calendar. In the calendar you can find all of your Zoom meeting links and a button to easily join each meeting at the appropriate time. I also added a section on the dashboard which lists some information about your upcoming meetings, highlighting any meeting that is currently in session.

I re-created the in-meeting UI so it would better match the patterns, colors, and shapes seen on Zoom’s dashboard. The simplified layout groups together relevant buttons and brings more clarity to active states and open windows.

Also, check out the clickable prototype.