Deliberate AI




UX/UI Designer


Working with product managers, CEO/founder, and developers to create mental health clinician-ready applications and data visualizations integrated with artificial intelligence.


Michael Balangue – Project Manager

Nuno Parente – Design

Ben Barone – Developer

Yuri Guimarães – Developer

Description of work

During the summer of 2022, I worked as a Product Designer for Deliberate AI, a mental health tech start-up. In this role, I worked to develop the design system for their flagship application which organizes and analyzes complex data that is relevant to mental health clinicians.

Due to the start-up nature of the company, I had the opportunity to wear a number of hats. Along with UI and UX work, I also leveraged my visual design skills to produce a number of marketing materials including a product website.


Coming into Deliberate, I had to learn a lot about the work of mental health clinicians. Research included reading online as well as speaking to in-house clinicians.

I was tasked with building out UI components and a design system based off of the existing brand materials.

Design system

After learning about clinicians' workflow as well as the capabilities of Deliberate's AI tech, we were able to define a variety of design features.

An easily-scannable analysis and transcript of patient-clinician sessions.

Patient session analysis.

We developed a number of data visualization options for analyzing patients' progress using a variety of mental health questionnaire frameworks.

Patient progress visualizations.

Finally, I designed a client-focused product page which provides a broad overview of features available to three types of potential users: clinicians, supervisors, and clinic directors.

Screens from the product website.