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My interest in music began in middle school. I was enthralled by the music that my older brother was introducing into my life and I started to learn the guitar. In high school my obsession only grew as I started piano lessons and was gifted a copy of FL Studio. Then in college I started to prefer Ableton Live and became more interested in learning proper mixing techniques. In late 2016, while in the Peace Corps, I started an instrumental project under the alias Winter Foe. What started out as an instrumental project grew to involve lyrical songwriting, collaborating, and visual art.

Years Like Rain

First I would like to share my most recent song. The\is song sits somewhere in between the worlds of cutesy electronic music, indie folk songwriting, and experimental music.

released 2020

Take Another Breath

I wrote this song after spending an inspiring three months in the northwoods of Wisconsin working as a youth development facilitator. The piece features acoustic guitar, piano, three layers of my voice, and a wall of samples, synths, and drum samples.

released 2020

Vernal Foe

The next song I want to share is an instrumental. This piece was recorded in my house in Tanzania with a blue snowball usb microphone. With the mic I captured myself playing slide guitar and humming. There is also a short snippet of my voice singing "doo" which I edited and put into a sampler to perform the main melody. I also used field recordings from my phone and other samples from the internet. It is not the most well mixed track but I believe it is creative and charming. This beat was eventually picked up by an artist called lastclass and turned into an interesting alternative r&b song which I will share below the soundcloud widget.

released 2018

Escape The World

Thirdly, I will share one of the earliest tracks I uploaded under the name Winter Foe. This piece is held together by a piano performance (on a vst) and a sample of a computer printer chopped up into a percussive pattern. Synths, samples, and other electronic sounds are layered on top to give the song a childlike fantasy sound. This song along with others from the Get Defensive EP were featured on a medium-sized youtube channel known as RLife, and the video has reached over 130k views. I will link the video below.

released 2017


Finally, I will share a playlist with more of my music just to better show just how long I have spent working on this project. Included in here is also an EP I made with a close friend which is more of a punk and indie project.

created 2016-2020

Coding Experiments

I discovered a passion for coding as a freshman in college when I took an intro to programming course. Since then I have experimented and learned many web development and game development techniques. I think programming and web development are powerful tools that can be used to do meaningful work. I will share two experiments in this section.

Finger Drummer

A small webpage I made as a proof of concept. It is essentially a small virtual MPC, the user can play a drum beat with their computer keyboard. I plan to add the functionality to allow user's to drag and drop their own samples onto the pads in the future. this would make the webpage more useful.

If you use it on safari there is a slight delay due to the way the browser loads audio samples.

live demo

created 2019

Wacky Nautical Adventure Game

This is a small game I made with Unity and C#. Orginally designed to be a mobile game, the user controls the right-leaning ship by pressing the space bar. I created all of the 3D models in blender and used the Unity platform to program it. I also created a song to accompany the game - it is linked below.

live demo
game song

created 2018


This section is for other projects I would like to share. These are creative areas that I haven't spent as much time in but the pieces show off a bit more of my personality.

Some Art

As music production has become a bigger and bigger part of my life I have been learning various forms of visual art - graphic design, digital illustration, and painting. I have used this knowledge to create virtually all of my own album art and promotional materials. While I would love to collaborate with more talented visual artists in the future, I do enjoy the process. Here are a five of my favorite pieces I have created.

created 2017-2020

Video Work

I would like to continue to grow as a video creator. Growing up I made tons of videos with my friends and while in Tanzania I did some video shooting and editing for the Technology and Media committee that I was on. For this youtube video I wanted to create a song using only what is seen in the frame of the video.

created 2019