Parts Unlimited



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Angular 2+



UX/UI Design + Frontend Development


Design and build an e-commerce site for after-market motorsports parts.


Michael Alvarez — Front End Developer

Vidal Quevedo — Front End Developer

Matthew Sbar — Front End Developer

Nick Olejniczak — Director


In 2019 I worked as a Designer and Frontend Developer for Lemans Digital Services. In this role, I worked on UX, UI, and development of their new e-commerce website in a small frontend team of four. We worked collaboratively with a backend team of two and a director.

We developed an Atomic Design library consisting of typography rules, image styles, colors, grids, and more. I was involved in and led meetings about specific site experiences like the dealer finder, tire shop, and the dealer intranet. It was also important that the site be responsive and work just as well on mobile.