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Critical Images


This section showcases a curated selection of one-off visual projects and experimental works created during my time in graduate school design classes. Many of these speculative and unconventional pieces were born out of classroom prompts encouraging exploration beyond traditional client work, allowing me to indulge in personal curiosities and challenge design conventions. While not fully realized implementations, these experimental explorations represent a departure from normal constraints, pushing boundaries and embodying a mindset of curiosity, risk-taking, and continual growth that has enriched my design practice.


2020 – 2023

The designer likewise becomes the physical manifestation of the content
technologies not as reflections of our world but shapers of it
Technologies not as reflections of our world but shapers of it
Animated loop for a Winter Foe song
opportunity gaps
Experimental game which was never actually created
The highest mountain
Album art for Winter Foe
Image from an interactive essay about post-post-modern design
The reflected classroom
The reflected classroom
The new new typography
Essay about Jan Tschichold and Max Bill
Image with text that says programming is forgetting
Image from a blog post titled Programming is forgetting
the combined city
The combined city
When design thinking is used against us
A zine/essay I wrote and produced about David Kelley and design thinking
A powerpoint about the impermanence of design mediums
Letter a with an apple texture
On the nose renders I made for the alphabet while I was learning blender and developing a concept for tactile education as part of a workshop
Experimental interface that looks like twitch but wild
An experimental interface for online diy concerts
old designers
Very old designers
Invented cover for a re-release of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein